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Infinity Veneers™

Porcelain veneers fit over the teeth to create an even white symmetrical smile. Other cosmetic treatments include tooth coloured fillings, teeth whitening and facial injectables

Pinhole Surgical Treatment At Winston Hills

Pinhole Surgery

This presents a minimally invasive alternative to gum grafting for those who have experienced severe gum recession. The technique is both scalpel and suture-free, aiding a speedy recovery.

Digital All on 4

Using the latest computerised guides for better placement accuracy, Winston Hills patients can experience minimally invasive keyhole surgery leading to less surgery time and a quicker suture-free recovery.

Welcome to Infinity Dental Care in Winston Hills NSW

Since the dental clinic opened in 2014, we have provided some of the most comprehensive, preventative, restorative and cosmetic oral care in Winston Hills 2153. People come from far-flung places to visit Dr Jack Yang and the team for state-of-the-art treatments such as computer-guided implant placement, periodontal pinhole surgery and computer-assisted root canal therapy. But in addition, we also carry out common place dental treatments and services in the Hills District area – with the same degree of compassion, care and enthusiasm.

Infinity Dental Care is a state-of-the-art Winston Hills NSW dental practice focused on helping you achieve optimum oral health and a beautiful smile that you can be proud of. Establishing a relationship with you is very important to us. Our skilled and accomplished dental team, together with our friendly and helpful support team are committed to ensuring you and your family receive the highest standard of dental care at every appointment.

Dr Yang and the team look forward to welcoming you to Infinity Dental in Winston Hills.


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Meet our Fun-Loving Team in Winston Hills

Meet our Winston Hills Dentists and the Infinity Dental Care Team. They are here to make you feel welcome and relaxed. We’re committed to building a trusting relationship with you and take the time to understand your desired outcome regarding your dental health and care. We advise you of all your treatment options and work with you to create a personalised treatment plan so you can achieve a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

Dr Jack - Dentist - Infinity Dental Care

Dr. Jack

Dr Jack - Dentist - Infinity Dental Care

Dr. Jack

Your Family Dentist in Winston Hills

Why Choose Us

Leading the way

Dr Yang invests greatly in education and training to remain at the forefront of dentistry in Winston Hills

State-of-the-art treatments

Dr Yang is one of only 8 dentists in Australia to perform the latest pinhole surgical technique which reverses gingival gum recession

Cutting-edge technology

Utilising the latest equipment and technologies, treatments at our Winston Hills NSW dental clinic are faster, safer, and more comfortable

In-house experts

Winston Hills patients can have access to a variety of experts including an oral surgeon, an anaesthetist, and a prosthetist

Compassionate, caring team

Our motto is ‘if not for my family, then not for my patients’. Every individual is given the consideration, care, and compassion they deserve.

Gentle dentistry

Our dental team are highly experienced in gentle dentistry and can even provide dental sedation for nervous patients

Frequently Asked Questions

What suburbs does your Winston Hills Dentist serve? + -

We mostly serve patients from the Hills District and outer suburbs which include Winston Hills, Seven Hills, Baulkham Hills, Wentworthville and Toongabbie

Do you provide Family Dental Care in Winston Hills? + -

Yes, most definitely. We provide a comprehensive range of Winston Hills family dental care for all generations. From first dental visits for your toddler to orthodontics for your teen through to dental implants for adults and dentures for seniors. We welcome everyone and provide dental treatments and services for all stages of life.

Is there parking at your dentist in Winston Hills Sydney? + -

Yes, there is parking in the Winston Hills Shopping Centre where our dental clinic is located. There are two access points – main roundabout on Caroline Chisholm Drive, or off Langdon Road. The best car park to use is the one nearest Woolworths.

Are you offering any promotions at a dentist near me? + -

Infinity Dental Care is offering a FREE consultation on Invisalign and Veneers with one of Sydney’s well- known cosmetic dentists. During the free consult, you will receive a FREE whitening pen from our business partner Billionaire Teeth Whitening.

Are you a multi-lingual dentist in the Hills District, Sydney? + -

Yes, we speak Mandarin, Taiwanese and English.

What payment methods are accepted at your Winston Hills NSW dental clinic? + -

We accept a wide variety of payment methods including cash, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. We also process Hicaps on-site and accept CDBS and DVA. In addition, we offer a variety of flexible dental payment plans.

Do you accept insurance at your Winston Hills practice? + -

Yes we accept all valid healthcare insurances

What experience do your Winston Hills dentists have? + -

Collectively we have over 50 years of experience between us. Moreover, Dr Yang spends over 50k a year investing in the latest training and technology to benefit our Winston Hills patients.

Aside from preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental surgery is your dentist in Winston Hills open for emergency cases? + -

Yes, we have extended hours on Thursday evening until 9 pm and in addition, we are open on Saturday from 9 am till 3 pm. However, if you are in pain but haven’t booked an appointment, please feel free to call our dentist in Winston Hills and we will do our best to fit you in that same day.

What services do you offer at your Winston Hills dental practice that many other clinics don’t? + -

We offer a wide range of treatments and services including:

  • Minimally invasive periodontal pinhole surgery to restore gums after gum recession
  • Wisdom teeth surgery under sedation overseen by a highly-skilled oral surgeon
  • Personalised and digitally designed dental veneers
  • Orthodontic fast-braces treatment and discreet Invisalign/ClearCorrect aligners
  • Computer-guided implant placement
  • Root canal therapy
  • Complete kids dental care
  • Advanced gum disease treatment
  • Sleep dentistry with nitrous oxide sedation

If you are looking for a dentist in Winston Hills who is dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain good oral health long term, then consider Infinity Dental Care. Why not book a consultation with Dr Jack Yang and the team today. Call our practice on 02 9159 6237 or book online


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牙齒貼面 / 牙科美容


Pinhole Surgical Treatment At Winston Hills



Winston Hills患者可以通過最新的電腦化導引微創植牙手術,以體驗更為精準、手術時間更短、無縫線復原速度更快的治療過程。

歡迎來到新南威爾士州Winston Hills的無限牙醫診所

我們的牙醫診所自2014年在Winston Hills 2153開業以來,始終為患者提供全方位的口腔疾病預防、修復和美容牙醫服務。許多人為了楊醫師和我們的團隊遠道而來,以接受諸如電腦導引植牙、趙氏針孔微創修復牙齦技術和電腦輔助根管治療等先進的牙科手術。但除此之外,我們也在悉尼的丘陵區(Hills District)一帶以同樣的同理心、關懷與熱情,為患者提供一般性的牙科治療和服務

位於新南威爾斯州溫斯頓山(Winston Hills)的英飛尼迪牙醫診所以先進的牙科技術,致力於幫助您實現最佳的口腔健康和可讓您引以為豪的美麗笑容。與您建立良好的關係對我們來說非常重要。我們醫術高超、精湛的牙科團隊,以及親切且樂於助人的診所團隊,將致力於確保您和您的家人在每次會診期間都能獲得最高標準的牙科護理。


認識我們在Winston Hills樂於服務的醫療團隊

認識我們的Winston Hills牙醫陣容和英飛尼迪牙醫診所的工作團隊。他們將確保您在診所內感到賓至如歸。我們的團隊致力於與您建立信任關係,以及花時間了解您想要達成的牙齒保健和護理結果。我們會為您提供所有的治療選項,並與您一起制定個人化的治療計畫,以便您可以終身享有健康美麗的笑容。

Dr Jack - Dentist - Infinity Dental Care


Dr Jack - Dentist - Infinity Dental Care

Dr. Jack

您在Winston Hills的家庭牙醫



楊醫師致力於學習新知和接受職業訓練,以維持在Winston Hills牙醫界的領導地位




我們位在新南威爾士州Winston Hills的牙醫診所使用最新的設備和技術,以使治療過程更有效率、更安全、更舒適


所內專聘口腔外科醫生、麻醉師和口腔修復專家,以為Winston Hills的患者提供各類型的牙科服務






英飛尼迪牙醫診所的服務區域包含哪些? + -

我們的主要服務範圍包含丘陵區(Hills District)和外圍郊區,包括溫斯頓山(Winston Hills)、七山(Seven Hills)、寶琴山(Baulkham Hills)、溫特沃斯維爾(Wentworthville)和湯加比(Toongabbie)。

英飛尼迪牙醫診所是否在Winston Hills提供家庭牙醫服務? + -

是。我們為各個年齡層的患者提供全面的Winston Hills家庭牙科護理服務。從您的寶貝的第一次牙齒檢查到青少年牙齒矯正,到成人的植牙手術和老年人的假牙配戴。我們竭誠歡迎每位患者,並為生命的不同階段提供特定的牙科治療與服務。

悉尼Winston Hills的英飛尼迪牙醫診所有停車位嗎? + -

有,我們的牙醫診所在Winston Hills購物中心設有停車場。停車場可以從兩個地方進入:Caroline Chisholm Drive的主要圓環迴轉道或Langdon路。我們推薦最靠近Woolworths的停車場。

英飛尼迪牙醫診所是否提供任何促銷活動? + -

英飛尼迪牙醫診所由悉尼著名的美容牙醫提供Invisalign隱適美隱形牙套和牙齒貼片的免費諮詢服務。您可在免費諮詢期間,獲得由我們的商業合作夥伴Billionaire Teeth Whitening免費提供的美白筆。

英飛尼迪牙醫診所是否在悉尼丘陵區(Hills District)提供多種語言的牙科服務? + -


位在新南威爾斯Winston Hills的英飛尼迪牙醫診所接受哪些付款方式? + -


英飛尼迪牙醫診所接受保險賠付嗎? + -


Winston Hills英飛尼迪牙醫診所的牙醫有什麼執業經驗? + -

我們共同擁有超過50年的執業經驗。除此之外,楊醫師每年投入超過5萬美元的資金,來投資最新的技術培訓和更新,以造福我們位在Winston Hills的患者。

除了預防性、恢復性和美容牙科手術外,Winston Hills英飛尼迪牙醫診所是否提供急診服務? + -

是,我們將星期四晚上的門診時間延長至晚上9點,並在星期六上午9點至下午3點開放會診。然而,如果您感到疼痛但沒有提前預約,請隨時致電我們位在Winston Hills的牙醫診所,我們將竭誠為您服務。

Winston Hills英飛尼迪牙醫診所提供哪些多數其他診所沒有的專業服務? + -


  • 趙氏針孔微創修復牙齦技術,可有效修復萎縮後的牙齦
  • 由醫術高超的口腔外科醫生監督的麻醉智齒拔除手術
  • 個人化及數位化設計的牙齒貼面
  • 快速矯正牙齒且美觀的Invisalign / ClearCorrect隱形牙套
  • 電腦導引植牙手術
  • 根管治療
  • 全方位兒童牙科護理
  • 先進的牙齦疾病治療方法
  • 使用笑氣進行睡眠牙科手術

如果您正在尋找位於Winston Hills的牙醫,以長期保持良好的口腔健康,請務必蒞臨英飛尼迪牙醫診所。請立即撥打02 9159 6237致電我們的診所或在線預約門診,與楊醫師和我們的專業團隊進行諮詢。


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